XB-1 supersonic aircraft: official presentation on October 7, 2020


Presented as the successor to the Concorde, the XB-1 supersonic aircraft from the American manufacturer Boom Technology will be officially unveiled to the public on October 7.

The XB-1 « will be the fastest and most durable supersonic airliner, flying twice as fast as any commercial aircraft today, » said Boom Technology in a statement, without actually providing any technical details… At the moment, apart from photos and videos provided by the manufacturer, little is known about the device.

The first test flight of the prototype is scheduled for 2021. 76 orders have already been placed for the future aircraft, which could enter service in 2023. At least five airlines are already customers of « Overture », the commercial name of XB -1, says its manufacturer, including Virgin Atlantic which ordered 10 copies and Japan Airlines 20 copies, at the list price of $ 200 million per unit.

According to Boom Technology, the average flight time from Paris to New York will drop from seven to three and a half hours when the supersonic airliner flies at its maximum speed of 2.2 mach. A flight from San Francisco to Tokyo will take just over five hours, compared to eleven hours now. A business class ticket from London to New York will then cost around $ 5,000. The future aircraft will be delivered with two configurations – 55 seats in Business class or 30 seats in the First class.


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