VietJet A321 Skids Off Ho Chi Minh Runway


A VietJet A321 skidded off the runway earlier today upon arrival at Ho Chi Minh City after adverse weather. The aircraft had been serving a domestic route from Phu Quoc on a flight that lasted slightly below one hour. Officials have now closed the runway at Ho Chi Minh, putting both of its runways out of action.

Earlier today (14th June), a VietJet A321 slipped off the runway on approach to Ho Chi Minh City at its Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN). The aircraft, registered VN-A657, had left from Phu Quoc International Airport (PQC) at 11:23 local time (04:23 UTC) and was thanks to reaching SGN at 12:15 (05:15 UTC).

Despite making blast and landing at 12:21 (05:21 UTC), the arrival was unfortunately not as desirable needless to say. Ho Chi Minh City and other closeby neighborhoods in Vietnam are experiencing their first storm of the year. With heavy rain and winds of up to 60-75km per hour, Storm Nuri makes landing slightly tougher.

On approach to Runway 25L/07R, the aircraft slipped into the mud at the side of the runway, rupturing a tire.

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Thankfully, all passengers and crews were safe, and no casualties are reported. an equivalent can’t be said for the VietJet A321 or operations at the airport. Runway 25L/07R at Tan Son Nhat International Airport was closed for 2 hours following the incident. the most activity was to urge the sunken jet out of the mud and tow it back to the airport apron.

However, that call put the airport during a little bit of a predicament. Currently, Tan Son Nhat International Airport’s other runway is undergoing maintenance. Runway 25R/07L was closed at the time of the incident meaning that for a brief period, both runways were closed.

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