SKY express, new customer for the Airbus A320neo


SKY express has ordered six new A320neo, four from Airbus, of which it is becoming a new direct customer, and two which will be leased from ACG. Its first jets will also benefit from a new livery.

Based at Athens airport since 2005, the Greek company announced on October 14, 2020 that it had ordered four A320neos from Airbus, and had leased two more « recently » from the leasing company ACG Aviation Capital Group. SKY express has opted for CFM-International’s Leap-1A engines, and a 186-seat cabin configuration for the new aircraft whose incorporation into the fleet will be « immediate ».

According to SKY Express, the first commercial A320neo flight is scheduled for December 14 between its base and Thessaloniki airport, a new route offered five times a day on weekdays; it is also expected to be deployed to its base in Heraklion during December. By March 2021, the new aircraft « will operate national and international routes, serving thousands of passengers with the most affordable prices and, as always, the highest quality service. » The airline currently operates six ATR 42-500 with 48 seats and five 72-500 with 70 seats on a network of 34 destinations in Greece; it shares its codes with Air France-KLM.

The owner of SKY express and director of the IOGR group of companies, Ioannis Grylos, said in a statement: “Our cooperation with Airbus, through the acquisition of six new A320s, meets our ambition to modernize our fleet and make enter our business into a new era. This aircraft, which combines advanced technologies and favorable fuel efficiency, perfectly meets the objectives of SKY express, which wishes to have a modern fleet that respects the environment and to offer its passengers safe and high-quality services « .

SKY express’s decision in favor of the A320neo « to expand its operations and connect new destinations within an international network in Europe is good news. This is a bold step in the development of this airline and we are proud to contribute with the A320neo. This aircraft guarantees excellent performance in terms of fuel consumption, emissions and noise levels, and offers a benchmark cabin, « added Airbus Commercial Director Christian Scherer. The Greek company thus joins the world list of 430 Airbus operators; by the end of September 2020, the A320neo family had received 7,450 firm orders from more than 110 customers worldwide.

SKY Express’s A320neo will be delivered with a revamped livery, which will « not only mark this milestone for the business » but also convey the message « Greece is bliss ». A new look “with a dynamic and linear design accompanied by highly symbolic colors: blue and fuchsia. Blue because it represents a Greek airline that has withstood recent challenges and, despite the global crisis in the aviation industry, has managed to pick up the pace and acquire 6 new planes, supporting the economy and extraversion of Greece. Fuchsia, because the friendly, optimistic and fresh character of SKY express leaves no one indifferent ”. And on the vertical stabilizer seven blue lines “for the 7 days of the week, 7 full days of travel” plus eight fuchsia lines: “the number 8 symbolizes the infinity of the horizon and the sky, indicating the countless experiences that each trip embodies, just like the infinite potential of this airline, ”concludes the Greek company.

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