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Shenzhen Airlines A319 damaged tyres and fuselage on landing


A Shenzhen Airlines Airbus A319-100, registration B-8667 performing flight ZH-9247 from Xian to Pan Zhi Hua (China), landed in Pan Zhi Hua and taxied to the apron, where passengers disembarked normally. A post-flight inspection revealed punctured tires.

The return flight was canceled.

The airline confirmed the aircraft sustained main tire damage on landing, which prevented further dispatch. The return flight was canceled. The passengers on the return flight were rebooked onto the flight the following day and were provided with accommodation.

Gossip in professional aviation circles in China suggest, that the airport performed a runway inspection after landing and found 6 approach lights and the localizer antenna (opposite runway) damaged, the aircraft sustained damage to the main landing tyres and the aft belly. China’s Civil Aviation Authority is investigating an unsafe occurrence.

The airport’s press department told local newspapers that they have not been notified about any equipment damage on the airport, the airport continued to operate normally. However, subsequent flights had to be canceled or diverted due to weather conditions at the mountain top airport, which is plagued by low clouds.

The aircraft is still on the ground in Pan Zhi Hua about 13 hours after landing.

No Weather data or NOTAMs are available for the airport [ZUZH], which features a runway 02/20 of 2800 meters (9190 feet) length with ILS and approach lighting available for both runways.

On Oct 17th, 2020 further information emerged in Chinese media indicating, China’s Civil Aviation Authority has indeed opened an investigation into the occurrence, that closed runway 02/20 at Pan Zhi Hua. The aircraft contacted 6 approach lights and the localizer antenna touched down ahead of the runway and runway threshold and taxied to the apron normally, where passengers disembarked normally. Subsequent inspection revealed substantial damage to the aircraft (one of the photos below).

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