Ryanair plane diverted after « bloody » incident


An altercation on a low-cost airline Ryanair flight between Liverpool and Tenerife ended with bloodshed and a diversion to Lisbon.

The Irish cheap flight specialist’s flight FR4346 on 16 October 2020 between her Liverpool base and Tenerife South Airport did not go as planned. Passengers on the 189-seat Boeing 737-800 witnessed an altercation midway: a man in the back of the cabin rebelled for undetermined reasons. The situation calmed down and then escalated again, to the point that « blood had been spilled », without further details.

The Ryanair crew then requested a diversion to Lisbon airport, in order to get rid of the disruptor – an action apparently applauded by the rest of the passengers. The plane finally landed in the Canary Islands 1h40 behind schedule.

A Ryanair spokesperson confirmed the incident in the Liverpool Echo daily, explaining only: “This flight from Liverpool to Tenerife was rerouted to Lisbon after a passenger interrupted the flight. The plane landed normally and the passenger was removed by police upon arrival. The plane was then able to continue on its way to Tenerife « . When questioned by the English press, the Portuguese police did not comment.

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