Post-Covid seats by Safran Seats


The French company Safran Seats offers a new portfolio of seats for airlines suitable for travel after the Covid-19 pandemic, such as Interspace, Ringfence, or the Travel Safe and Create solutions.

The former Zodiac introduced new seats on June 2 that help isolate passengers in aircraft cabins, while airlines have to juggle physical distancing regulations as traffic picks up.

The Interspace portfolio: more comfort and protection. With its English partner Universal Movement, Safran Seats offers Interspace equipment which offers greater comfort to passengers in Premium Economy class, « thanks to two padded wings, easily deployable and which fold over the seat back providing better support lateral. The system can be adapted, allowing airlines to integrate Interspace technology into their fleet without replacing existing seats.  »


Safran Seats and Universal Movement are also working on an adaptation of the product, called Interspace Lite. This gives airlines the ability to easily reconfigure their Economy class cabins, « by delimiting the space between passengers and offering them more privacy by locking the center or outside seats in a row. »

Safran Seats offers an additional innovation to support airlines in this new context: the company has developed Travel Safe by Safran Seats, « a wide range of patented solutions, articulated around three specific objectives: social distancing without loss of density, contactless interactions and virus-free surfaces ”. In order to respect social distancing, Travel Safe « is equipped with equipment such as Ringfence, a simple and effective removable separation that isolates passengers from their neighbors. Likewise, Travel Safe will offer equipment with contactless interactions using an automatic door opener or tilting the backrest using a pedal. Finally, the virus-free range of seats and shelves includes a wide range of coatings that facilitate disinfection and cleaning. ”

Safran Seats also offers customers a new co-creation service, called Create with Safran Seats. This service is specially designed to “imagine, create, evaluate and converge new solutions for airlines in a short period of time. This offer will make it possible to personalize seats, adapted to the post-COVID-19 travel context. ”

This seating equipment will be offered this summer to « potentially improve » any type of seat. They will also be offered on new Safran seat products. Quentin Munier, Executive Vice-President Strategy and Innovation at Safran Seats, said: “Safran Seats is convinced that this partnership with Universal Movement will generate value for our customers’ thanks to its recognized agility and its innovative spirit. Interspace is an important innovation for the living space of passengers on board an aircraft, especially in a post-COVID-19 travel environment.  »

Safran Seats and transportation technology company Universal Movement also announced an exclusive partnership to bring Interspace seating technology to market. This agreement will allow Safran Seats to take over not only the exclusive development and manufacturing of the Interspace portfolio, in all of the Economy and Premium / Domestic Business classes; but also a scalable and adaptable solution for existing seats in Premium Economy class; as well as the Interspace Lite edition for the Economy class.

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