Malaysian flight attendant dismissed for 430 grams overweight

malaysa airlines flight attendant

Malaysia Airlines is not joking with the flight mass index of its cabin crew. In September 2017, she dismissed a flight attendant for a paltry overweight of 430 grams.

Ina Meliesa Hassim, 25 years old, weighed 60.30 kilos (for 157.5 cm) instead of the 59.87 kilos required (430 grams too much) in the internal regulations of the Malaysian airline. A regulation based on BMI, the body mass index adopted by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The flight attendant filed a complaint against Malaysia Airlines for « unfair dismissal », but she lost her trial on February 14 before the Malaysian Labor Court: the judge ruled in favor of Malaysia Airlines, finding that she had the right to make its own rules regarding the weight of crew members.

« With this policy in place, the airline will see a healthier cabin crew who will project an image worthy of that of the best cabin crew in the world as well as ensuring passenger safety when needed, » said Malaysia. Airlines, adding that the flight attendant had not been dismissed overnight: she had 18 months to lose her extra 430 grams and had received help from an occupational doctor.

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