LAM Boeing 737-700 Slides Off The Runway In Mozambique- Video


A Boeing 737-700 operated by LAM Linhas Aereas De Mocambique experienced a runway excursion on February 26th at Quelimane airport, in Mozambique. The aircraft landed safely but when it reached the end of the runway, it had veered off into the grass between the runway and taxiway. No injuries reported from this incident.

Incident details

On February 26th at roughly 14:45 local time, a LAM Boeing 737-700 ended up on the grass, off the runway, at Quelimane Airport (UEL). The aircraft had flown from the capital city of Mozambique, Maputo, as flight TM1134.

According to The Aviation Herald, the 737 had gone off near the end of the runway, coming to a stop with all gear on the grass between runway and taxiway.

Sources note that there had been intense rain at the airport at the time.

The airline issued the following statement following the incident:

“The incident, which recorded no casualties, occurred this afternoon, at approximately 2:40pm. The flight TM1134 was operating from Maputo to Quelimane.


“Firefighters from Mozambique’s Airport were at the runway as passengers and crew were safely disembarked and taken to airport facilities for further assistance.”

About the aircraft

The 737-700, registered C9-BAR, is one of two 737-700s operated by LAM. In fact, it’s just one of four aircraft in the entire LAM fleet – the other two aircraft being Embraer E190 regional jets.

The little jet has actually operated in many areas of the world, serving with airlines in the United States, China, the Middle East, and Africa. According to, C9-BAR (MSN 30674, Line Number 1511) was first delivered to Aloha Airlines in June 2004. Four years later, in May 2008, it moved to Sun Country Airlines, and then on to Chinese carrier Lucky Air in October 2008.

After flying for the Chinese carrier for eight years, the jet headed to Africa where it flew with Trans Air Congo for two years, then flying with Lebanon’s Ibex Air Charter from 2018 to 2019.

The aircraft has been with LAM since April 2019.


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