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Iran Air auctions part of its fleet

With a minimum bid of 10,000 dollars, Iran Air will auction part of its fleet including Airbus A300 as well as Boeing 727 and Boeing 747.

The global aviation crisis is also affecting airlines in Iran, a country that lives under an economic embargo from the West and operates primarily with obsolete aircraft. This is the case with Iran Air, the country’s flagship airline, which has deactivated several of its jets due to lack of demand. And to raise funds, the company decided to auction off 12 of its oldest jets, which have been out of service for several years.

The list of planes includes rarities like three Boeing 747SPs, the long-range version of the “JumboJet”. There are also two other 747s, one from the 747-100 version and one from the 747-200 version that was commonly used in the 1970s and 1980s, and two 727-200s. Iran Air also offered for sale five Airbus planes, three A300-B2K, the European manufacturer’s first-generation wide-body twinjet, and two A310-200, a shortened derivative, introduced in 1982.

The cheapest aircraft at auction, the Boeing 727-200 EP-IRR, has a minimum price of 415 million rials, or about $ 9,900. Manufactured in 1974, the aircraft was delivered new to Iran Air when the United States and Iran still had good relations. The aircraft with the highest value is the Boeing 747SP registered EP-IAD. Iran Air is asking for a minimum supply of 1.125 billion riyals for the model, or just under $ 27,000. The JumboJet was also ordered directly from Boeing by the company and delivered in July 1979, months before the invasion of the US Embassy in Tehran during the Islamic Revolution that culminated in the rise to power of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

With a surplus fleet, Iran Air had no choice but to deactivate many of its 40 aircraft. The planes put up for auction have been in the garage for a long time due to lack of flight conditions. The 747SP, for example, ceased to fly between 2012 and 2014 while others may be used as a source of spare parts for airplanes kept in flight.

As a result of the US embargo, Iran Air operates a predominantly European aircraft fleet, in particular Airbus. Among them are the A300-600, A319, A320, and A330. The airline’s new planes are 13 ATR-72 turboprop engines delivered in 2017 before new economic restrictions were put in place.

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