In Boeing 777 Kim Kardashian Celebrates Her Birthday

Crystal Luxury Air Boeing 777-200ER photographed on January 7, 2016 from Wolfe Air Learjet 25B.

To celebrate her 40th birthday, Kim Kardashian chartered a private Boeing 777-200LR. Configured with 88 VIP seats and a lounge, the Triple Seven jettied the reality-TV star and her closest friends and family off to a private island in French Polynesia. As its day job, the plane operates “air cruises,” marketed to the population’s wealthiest top 2%.

The most famous reality-tv star of them all has turned 40. Mere mortals may splurge on a premium economy for the family or use miles to upgrade to something even further to the front of the cabin to mark such an occasion. Kim Kardashian West, however, chartered an entire Boeing 777-200LR. Where did it fly? To a private island in French Polynesia, where the invited guests could pretend things were “normal” for just a brief moment in time.

“Simple luxury” of a private 777

As noted by One Mile At A Time, the plane, registered as P4-XTL, belongs to luxury travel company Crystal Cruises. The nine-year-old Triple Seven, which Crystal Cruises launched for its trademarked AirCruise concept in 2017, is designed for up to 88 VIP passengers. That can be compared to a regular commercial 777, which carries between 314 to 396 passengers, depending on the configuration.

However, what about social distancing, you may ask. According to Kim Kardashian, all guests had been subjected to multiple health screenings, and everyone had been asked to quarantine for two weeks prior to the getaway. A 777 flying your party off to a private island? “Simple luxury” indeed.

Marketed to top 2%

The price point of an “air cruise” on the special 777 is undisclosed. However, during an interview with Crystal Cruise’s then CEO Edie Rodriguez ahead of the launch of the concept, she acknowledged that the demographic the company was targeting was the top 2% of the world’s wealthiest individuals. Those who “typically have their own planes, but they want this curated, fully-inclusive experience.”

Due to present circumstances, the company is currently not operating any of its air cruise itineraries. Thus, the unique 777 is available for private charter instead.

Interiors by Greenpoint Technologies

All of the 88 seats on board the 777 convert into full flatbeds. Furthermore, the cabin features a roomy lounge upfront, complete with dining tables and a bar. The plane has been fitted by a company called Greenpoint Technologies, which provides interiors for business jets and heads-of-state aircraft.

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