Here is the first Airbus A380 cargo


Hi Fly presented its Airbus A380, now stripped of its Economy class seats, which allows the superjumbo to load almost 60 tonnes of cargo.

The Portuguese leasing company, the sole operator of a second-hand A380 (ex-Singapore Airlines), broadcast on July 7, 2020 images of its 9H-MIP aircraft converted to freight transport « to meet the high demand » in this Covid-19 pandemic period. By removing most of the Economy class seats, Hi Fly announces that the A380 can now offer « more than 300 m3 of volume and almost 60 tonnes of cargo ».

The A380 with the « save the coral reefs » livery normally accommodates 471 passengers in three classes; it has been used since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic for repatriation flights, for example between Wuhan and France, and for the transport of medical equipment (to Montreal or the Dominican Republic among others).

Airbus had once planned to produce an A380F, but the withdrawal of FedEx had put an end to the project. More recently, Lufthansa Technik announced that it had signed an agreement with an anonymous client to temporarily transform an A380 into a cargo plane.

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