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From A380 pilot to bus driver- Video


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a change in aviation like no precedent in history. The name of industrial workers is Found out of work, forcing them to find alternative lifestyles to support their families’ needs. And this is a history of various piles of Qantas.

In a news story from a mass media outlet in Australia, former captains and first officers of the Qantas Airbus A380 are interviewed. This last aircraft has been devastated by the pandemic, so far this year, dozens of these aircraft have been stored, withdrawn, and even dismantled since their high operating costs are not profitable for the airlines.

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Now, these commanders have had to dedicate themselves to being public transport drivers in Sydney, also demonstrating impeccable professionalism:

Flying an Airbus requires certain skills and impeccable concentration, but for much shorter periods of time. As bus drivers now, they have to pay attention much longer, pilot Peter Cairns said.

Australia has imposed a total flight restriction on the international market. So far this year Qantas has retired 11 Airbus A380 aircraft from a fleet of 12. The remaining aircraft has not registered flights since June this year and it will be a matter of time before it is also decommissioned.

They are grateful to have a new job that leaves them the money to support their families, at an extremely difficult time for the aeronautical industry. Many hope to fly again, but it will be time before that happens, now they are concentrating on providing a different public service, but with very similar aspects to piloting an Airbus A380.


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