First release for the Ilyushin IL-114-300

Ilyushin IL 114 source: UAC Russia

Russian manufacturer UAC has presented a first prototype of the new version of its Ilyushin IL-24 turboprop, which is expected to enter service in 2023.

Slightly smaller than the IL-114 which made its first flight in 1990, the plane presented at the end of December has another difference: it is fully equipped with parts and components made in Russia (including the Klimov TV7-117SM engines). In the standard layout, the plane will be able to accommodate between 52 and 68 passengers in 2 + 2, the interior layout having been entrusted in 2018 to Rusaviainter.

UAC aims with the Il-114-300, designed for unpaved airports and devoid of ground services (a ladder for passengers is integrated into the fuselage), the replacement of Antonov An-24 in service almost everywhere in Russia and in the member countries of the CIS. The design provides space for freight, especially mail, to serve the most remote areas.

After an inaugural flight planned for this year, the competitor of the ATR or other Q400 is supposed to enter service in 2023, at Polar Airlines which has signed for three 52-seat copies (in order to leave more space for freight and luggage).

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