May 13, 1910 in the sky: Fatal accident for Jules Hauvette-Michelin


History of aviation – May 13, 1910. On this Friday, May 13, 1910, the Michelin family is in mourning: the nephew of two famous manufacturers, Auvergne specialists in tires but also patrons in the field of aviation, will thus be killed. on this day. As the Lyon aviation meeting ended, the young man suffered an airplane crash. Jules Hauvette-Michelin is the 7th person in history to lose his life as a result of aviation. A discipline that he also wants to abandon …

It is therefore the flight of too many which he carried out on May 13, 1910. The aviator, in his twenties, had taken off in the evening, but no sooner had he left with his Antoinette monoplane than ‘he struck a telephone booth, before doing the same at a pylon indicating the angle of the runway. He had only covered 500 meters by then when this terrible accident happened. Shocks from which he will not come out unscathed: being seriously injured, he will be taken to hospital.

The base of his skull showing a fracture, the doctors will try to operate it… but unfortunately, it will be unsuccessful and he will breathe his last at exactly 10:20 pm, succumbing to his head injury.

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