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FAA restricts airspace over Joe Biden’s home

The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a temporary flight restriction (TFR) that limits operations to certain aircraft that fly through the area where the residence of the hitherto candidate for the presidency of the United States is located. Joe Biden, in Wilmington, Delaware.

It is a TFR called TFR VIP (Very Important Person) or very important person because they are figures such as the president or vice president of the United States, and although the results of the elections have not been defined, it seeks to safeguard the integrity and the security of candidate Joe Biden, as well as that of President Donald Trump.

The NOTAM (Notices To Airmen) 0/8812 issued by the Flight Data Center (FDC) and the FAA, established this restriction for the first time as of 1710 UTC yesterday, November 4, and it was reissued today, 5 November, effective as of tomorrow, November 6 at 0800 UTC.

The dimensions of this restricted airspace have a horizontal limit of 3.0 nautical miles (5,550 meters) and its geographic center emanates 3.8 miles (6,660 meters) from the VORTAC radial 042 (radio aid that mixes a VOR with a TACAN) DUPONT, with a vertical limit of 2,999 ft. AGL (914 meters) on the ground.

No person may operate an aircraft in the areas covered by the aforementioned NOTAM, except for the following:

  • Aircraft arriving or departing from New Castle Airport (ILG) in Wilmington.
  • Government aircraft, and emergencies such as fire fighting or air ambulances.
  • Aircraft that are operated for safety reasons.

Aircraft that have permission to fly over this area will have to enter a discretionary transponder code and maintain communications at all times with the CTA. Likewise, pilots who plan to fly mainly under visual flight rules (VFR) in these areas are invited to carry out constant NOTAMS monitoring for possible changes in this TFR.



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