FAA Asks Boeing To Take Time To Return 737 MAX


Steve Dickson says it is « perfectly clear that both the FAA and Boeing must take the time it takes to get it right. » His message was heard if we believe a brief press release published in the wake by Boeing, which for the first time admits that the 737 MAX will not resume service before 2020: « We will work with the FAA to fulfill their requests and comply their schedule as we work to safely bring MAX back into service in 2020 « .

Source: Boeing- Boeing 737 MAX cockpit

Multiple investigations involving MCAS anti-stall software in the two Boeing 737 MAX crashes have also uncovered other failures by Boeing, ranging from a lack of redundancy in some systems to a lack of information from pilots. In the United States, investigations in parliamentary committees have also revealed a very close relationship between the FAA and Boeing, the federal authorities have left entire sections of the Boeing 737 MAX certification process in the hands of the manufacturer.

The firm tone of Steve Dickson’s letter can also be explained by the fact that the reputation of the FAA, previously considered the benchmark for certification and rigor, is tainted to the point that its counterparts in other countries have already said they would proceed to their own certification of the 737 MAX, once the modifications promised by Boeing were completed.


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