FAA Asks Boeing To Take Time To Return 737 MAX

Souce: Boeing

The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), the American civil aviation authority, pointed out for several months for having had very close relations with Boeing, asked that the American aircraft manufacturer take « the time it takes to get it right ”to get a new Boeing 737 MAX flight certification.

FAA boss Steve Dickson, who told in front of the Congress Wednesday that the Boeing 737 MAX will not return to service until 2020, is unhappy with Boeing’s communications policy. In a letter sent Thursday to the American congressional committees in charge of air transport, he accuses the aircraft manufacturer of wanting to force his hand to the FAA to quickly obtain the return in flight of the single-aisle aircraft, nailed to the ground since March after two accidents (Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines) which killed 346 people.

In his very firm letter to Boeing, Steve Dickson explains « fear that Boeing will continue to pursue an unrealistic return to service schedule due to delays that have accumulated for various reasons ». But « more disturbing still, the administrator wants to tell Boeing directly that some of the public statements (from the aircraft manufacturer) could give the impression of wanting to force the FAA to act faster ».


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