Emirates to lay off nearly 200 cadet pilots


Emirates Airlines is on the point of dismissing 192 pilots, mainly cadets and new recruits, while the pandemic of Covid-19 forced it to be forced to ground a large part of its fleet – including all Airbus A380.

According to many sources, including Arabian Aerospace, the Dubai-based company has summoned the pilots in question to notify them of the seven-day notice of their dismissal – but will pay them 14 days due to the situation. Some told the site that they were « still in type rating training » after leaving other airlines and « paying bonds – up to $ 40,000 » to join Emirates Airlines – a few weeks before the health crisis. Foreign pilot visas are extended until repatriation flights are available.

In a statement on social media, a spokesperson for the UAE company said: “During these difficult times and although we slowly started our return to heaven while respecting the security measures (…), we did our best. to keep the current family as it is. We have looked at every possible scenario to support our business operations, but have come to the conclusion that unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to some of the great people who have worked with us. ”

He added that Emirates Airlines « is continually reassessing the situation and we will have to adapt to this transition period. We do not take this lightly, and the company is doing everything it can to protect jobs wherever it can. When we are forced to make tough decisions, we will treat people fairly and with respect. We will work with the employees concerned to ensure that they are taken care of with the necessary means.  »

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Emirates Airlines has not specified the number of planned layoffs, while in mid-May the Bloomberg agency was talking about 30,000 departures out of a workforce of 105,000 employees for the group. Sheikh Al Maktoum had previously been clear: « We anticipate that it will take at least 18 months before travel demand returns to a semblance of normalcy. » The company, on the other hand, has clearly denied information that it would prepare an accelerated departure from its fleet of 46 of the 115 Airbus A380s delivered.

Returning to nine destinations since May 21, Emirates Airlines plans to serve more than 130 this summer, with flights to France, Paris, Lyon and Nice.


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