EasyJet suspends a « suicidal » pilot

A pilot who has announced his next suicide on social networks has been banned from flying by the low-cost airline EasyJet, which requires several weeks of treatment before being able to take control of an aircraft.

The memory of the Germanwings crash, which led to the death of 144 passengers and six crew members on March 24, 2015, when the co-pilot voluntarily precipitated his Airbus A320 against the side of a mountain in the Alps, is still in the memories: the British specialist in cheap flight confirmed to The Sun newspaper that an unidentified pilot had been suspended, after reporting in a Whatsapp group: « I’m suicidal », « my life is shit » and « I’m probably going to put an end to my days. Messages relayed by his relatives to EasyJet, who made the decision to suspend him and force him to spend « for several weeks » psychological assessment tests.

© BBC- Germanwings flight 4U 9525 crash 2015

When asked by the airline, the pilot allegedly denied being suicidal; A spokesman for EasyJet confirmed that « the pilot was removed from the flight a few days ago, according to our procedures, while we were investigating. We offered our support, through an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), a peer support program and a comprehensive occupational health service throughout our UK and European network. The safety and well-being of our passengers and crew is the airline’s top priority.  » All EasyJet pilots « are licensed by the aviation regulatory authorities and, as such, are subject to extensive regular medical assessments, including mental health assessments » as recommended by the BEA in 2016.

An unidentified source specified in The Sun: « We do not take any risk with our pilots. Anyone who shares suicidal thoughts privately deserves help and evaluation. To believe them on their word that they are well is not enough. The stake is too important. The memory of the tragedy of the Germanwings remains very present.

In the case of Germanwings, co-pilot Andreas Lubnitz kept a detailed diary of his depression; the co-pilot of flight 4U 9525 connecting Barcelona to Düsseldorf had taken advantage of the momentary absence of the captain in the cockpit to lock himself inside and project the A320 against a mountain in the Southern Alps. Two years after the crash, his father still challenged the thesis of suicide.

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