Drunk car driver on the taxiway- Video


A car passed through security at Bangkok airport and passed a KLM airline plane on the taxiway, its drunk and drug-addicted driver eventually being pulled over.

The incident that apparently took place on January 14, 2020, at Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi Airport ended with no consequence other than some faces flushed with shame. The video that has gone viral shows the car slowly driving down a taxiway, escorted by what looks like a security service motorcycle and crossing paths with a KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing 789-9 Dreamliner arriving and departing from Amsterdam to Hong Kong. Then the car stops in a parking lot next to a low-cost AirAsia plane.

According to the police report quoted by the local press, the driver of the car in question was « drunk and under the influence of drugs », amphetamines having been found in his trunk. He allegedly explained that he took a « wrong turn » and ended up on the taxiway. The manager of the AoT airport simply said he was apprehended « quickly ». The unidentified man has been charged with entering a restricted area of ​​the airport, carrying narcotics and drinking and driving.

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