Drugs bust at Gatwick airport discovered to be vegan cake ingredients

Gatwick Airport

Error is human. We’ll never repeat it too much … A spectacular drugs bust at Gatwick Airport turned out to be a suitcase filled with cake ingredients for a vegan bakery.

This is not drugs, could have written Magritte, an artist who has illustrated to break the false pretenses. In any case, this is what police officers at Gatwick airport have come to believe of falling into an exceptional drug catch, a white powder, contained in several blue bags inside a suitcase, transported by employees of the pizzeria Purezza. But later tests showed that it was not an illegal substance but a suitcase filled with cake ingredients for a vegan bakery.

The British transport police said: « On August 28, at 1:34 pm, the police were called to the Gatwick airport station after discovering a suitcase containing 25 bags of powder … » After a certain number of investigations and trials, it was determined that these powder bags were cake ingredients for a vegan bakery. The investigators quickly found the owner who promised them a piece of cake in return for officers and staff!

To avoid duplicating them, the police also tweeted: « Please label your food and bring some cake samples on your next visit. « 

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