Deliveries of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner suspended again


Boeing has once again halted deliveries of its long-haul 787 Dreamliner in time to pass on additional information to the US aviation regulator, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), following production issues.

Manufacturing defects discovered on the long-haul last summer had already prompted the American aircraft manufacturer to suspend deliveries between November and March. « Boeing has yet to show that the proposed inspection method will meet FAA safety standards, » the FAA said in a statement yesterday, explaining « awaiting further information » from the aircraft manufacturer.

Since the FAA has not given the green light, Boeing has chosen to temporarily suspend deliveries of 787s to customers, it added. The aircraft manufacturer had previously indicated that it was « working to provide the FAA with additional information regarding the analysis and documentation associated with the verification work on the undelivered 787s », and stressed that « there (was) ) no effect on the fleet (already) in service ”.

Boeing revealed last September that it had discovered several manufacturing defects in the 787, in the connection of a portion of the fuselage and then in the horizontal stabilizer. The aircraft manufacturer then indicated that it had launched an inspection of all its aircraft in production.

A fine of $ 17 million

In addition, the FAA fined Boeing $ 17 million for production problems on aircraft of the 737 MAX and 737 NG families.

According to an FAA press release made public Thursday, Boeing on the one hand installed sensors on 759 of these devices that were not approved for this equipment between 2015 and 2019. The aircraft manufacturer on the other hand issued certificates of airworthiness for 178 737 MAX aircraft equipped in 2018 with non-compliant leading-edge slats rails (elements allowing to guide the movement of the moving parts of the wing). The FAA has planned corrective measures to be put in place, otherwise, Boeing will have to pay an additional $ 10 million.

« We take very seriously our responsibility to meet all regulatory requirements, » said Boeing, recalling that « these sanctions stem from issues that were raised in 2019 and that we have fully resolved in our production system and our production chain. ‘supply’. The $ 17 million fine announced by the FAA on Thursday is unrelated to the 737 MAX’s MCAS flight control software flaw, which caused two air disasters and resulted in the single-aisle being immobilized for almost two years. .

Last February, the FAA had already fined Boeing $ 6.6 million for various breaches of a safety agreement reached between the two parties in 2015.

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