Coronavirus: Etihad warns travelers of the risks


Etihad Airways has joined forces with Medicus AI to launch online and integrate into its mobile application a questionnaire on contagion to the Covid-19, allowing the traveler to be better informed in order to choose their next destination.

Based at Abu Dhabi airport, the national company of the United Arab Emirates explains in a press release its association with the Austrian company Medicus AI, a specialist in the interpretation of medical analysis reports, to launch an assessment tool. COVID-19 risk which will allow customers to « make more efficient travel decisions ». The risk assessment tool will guide Etihad Airways guests to assess « the likelihood of having COVID-19 coronavirus » by answering a set of 22 questions.

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The automated assessment, which takes less than five minutes to complete, is based on guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) updated daily. Using this risk assessment tool, customers « will understand the likelihood of having contracted the virus and will receive various recommendations to help them make more specific travel decisions. »

The tool is now available to customers on its website, and soon on the Etihad Airways mobile app « on Apple iOS, Android and Huawei platforms »; initially available in English, additional language editions added over time « such as Arabic, French, German and Portuguese ».

Etihad Airways has actively researched and invested in innovative solutions to improve the safety and well-being of its employees and guests in light of the impact of the coronavirus, and also recently announced Covid-19 triage trials and solutions contactless technology at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Frank Meyer, Managing Director of Digital Affairs at Etihad Airways, said: « We know that health and well-being are now a major factor affecting our customers’ travel decisions, and we are committed to keeping them safe and secure. peace of mind when choosing to travel with Etihad. As flight operations begin to resume globally, we want to enable our customers to make more informed decisions. Our partnership with Medicus AI on this new innovative tool is one of the multiple solutions that we are adapting to meet the new requirements imposed on the travel industry following COVID-19.  »

Dr. Baher Al Hakim, Director General of Medicus AI, added, « We are proud to support Etihad Airways in its efforts to keep passengers and crew safe as the world returns to normal life. Our initial efforts at the start of the pandemic were to provide assessment and surveillance tools, and as needs have evolved, our efforts have evolved to help our partners bring people back to their daily lives in a safe and healthy way.  »

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