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Cathay Pacific boeing 777 hits violent turbulence


A Cathay Pacific flight enroute to Nagoya, Japan, hit turbulence yesterday, October 26th, 2019 causing some minor injuries to a number of crew members. The flight was midway through its descent at the time with its 125 passengers seatbelted. None of the crew’s injuries were serious.

As reported in The Aviation Herald, a Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300 (registration B-HNN) took off from Hong Kong at 16:15, October 25, 2019, as CX532 flight to Nagoya. CX532 is the scheduled passenger service that arrives in Nagoya at 21:15.

According to The Aviation Herald, the flight during its descent to Nagoya and at 12,000 feet when it hit unexpected turbulence, causing minor injuries to 4 crew members. The flight was fifteen minutes out from Nagoya and continued in, landing safely. The four crew members were transported to the hospital for medical checks.

Tracking indicates the aircraft descended from the south in a north-easterly direction just off the Japanese coast before turning left into the bay on its final approach into Nagoya.

The aircraft, B-HNN is grounded in Nagoya since landing at 21:02 on Friday evening. This aircraft is only lightly worked, performing one or two sectors a day around North Asia.

This incident is the third bit of bad luck to strike Cathay Pacific’s Boeing 777s this year. In January, a Boeing 777-300 operating CX198 from Auckland to Hong Kong suffered some bird strikes on the climb out of Auckland, requiring the crew to dump fuel and return to Auckland where a dented random was discovered.

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