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British Airways invests in sustainable fuel


British Airways is investing in a second supplier of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), hoping to fuel « some flights » by the end of next year.

The British flag carrier announced on February 9, 2021, that it wanted to power future flights with sustainable aviation fuel produced « from sustainably sourced ethanol, » as part of a new partnership with SAF-producing company LanzaJet. British Airways will invest in LanzaJet’s first « Freedom Pines Fuels » commercial facility in Georgia, United States, and expects the SAF it receives from the plant which begins construction this year « will power a number of its flights. by the end of 2022 ”. The partnership further involves LanzaJet planning and designing a potential commercial facility for British Airways in the UK.

LanzaJet will convert sustainable ethanol (a chemical compound widely blended with gasoline to reduce its carbon intensity) to SAF « using a patented chemical process. » This fuel will allow a reduction of more than 70% of greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional fossil jet fuel, « which is equivalent to removing nearly 27,000 gasoline or diesel cars from the road each year, » said a press release. . The SAF produced by LanzaJet is made through the LanzaJet Alcohol to Jet (AtJ) process, which can use any sustainable source of ethanol, including but not limited to ethanol made from non-agricultural residues. edibles such as wheat straw or recycled waste.

The development and use of the SAF is a « major goal » for British Airways and is part of the airline’s commitment to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 through a series of short initiatives, medium and long term. CEO Sean Doyle said: “Despite the global aviation crisis, it is vital for our future that we continue to fight climate change and continue to play our part to reduce the impact we are having on the planet. Over the past 100 years we have connected Britain to the world and the world to Britain, and to ensure our success for the next 100 years we must do so in a sustainable manner.

Advancing the development and commercial deployment of sustainable aviation fuel « is key to decarbonizing the aviation industry, and this partnership with LanzaJet shows the progress made by British Airways as we continue our journey to net-zero », a- he added. “The UK has the experience and resources to become a world leader in the deployment of such sustainable aviation fuel production facilities, and we need government support to drive decarbonization and accelerate the realization of this vision ”.

The Oneworld alliance company has an existing partnership with sustainable fuel technology company Velocys, with the aim of building a facility to convert household and commercial waste into sustainable renewable jet fuel in the UK; fuel could be produced there by 2025. British Airways’ parent company, International Airlines Group (IAG), will invest $ 400 million in SAF over the next 20 years.

With the addition of British Airways, LanzaJet now plans to develop four more large-scale operational factories from 2025, producing a sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel ‘pipeline’ from sustainable raw materials, to support and enable the global decarbonization of the aviation sector. « It is hoped that some or all of these factories will be built in the UK subject to better government policy support for sustainable waste-based aviation fuels, » concludes British Airways.

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