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Boeing has asked airlines to ground the 128 Boeing 777


Boeing has asked airlines to ground the 128 Triple Septs powered by PW4000 engines, the explosion of which was not contained during a United Airlines flight due to extensive fuselage damage. Some countries have banned pair flight in their airspace.

The spectacular incident on February 20, 2021 on the airline’s 777-200 (N772UA) from Denver to Honolulu Airport, which did not do a blessing, is yet another blow to Boeing’s image. The American aircraft manufacturer on Monday asked operators to leave on the ground the 128 Triple Septs equipped with the family of the offending engine, the Pratt & Whitney 4000; 69 devices are currently in service, and 59 others already immobilized due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Time to leave the FAA identifying « the appropriate inspection protocol », when the regulator had only mentioned the possibility for « certain planes » to be immobilized, and for the NTSB to investigate.

Japan had already ordered Japan Airlines and ANA (All Nippon Airways) to ground their 32 Boeing 777 equipped with PW4000s, and yesterday South Korea did the same for Korean Air (6 planes). It should be noted that none of Air France’s Triple Septs use these engines, just like the British companies; this did not prevent the CAA regulator from « temporarily banning » all entry of the 777 / PW4000 into British airspace.

The latest photos of the incident show a tear in the fuselage under the wing, caused by engine debris. Other debris had fallen on the outskirts of Broomfield, causing no injuries despite their size.

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