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Boeing 777X: the GE9X engine certified by the FAA


GE Aviation has announced that its GE9X turbofan engine, intended for the 777X family, has been certified by the FAA. 600 engines were ordered and commissioned, while the entry into service of the first 777-9 was delayed by Boeing.

The FAR (Federal Aviation Regulation) Part 33 certification covered, according to the American engine manufacturer’s press release, eight test engines; they completed just under 5,000 flight hours and 8,000 cycles for certification. The GE9X engine is designed according to GE to reduce specific fuel consumption (SFC) by 10% compared to the GE90-115B, and by 5% « compared to any other engine in its class », with a similar reduction in emissions.

Karl Sheldon, general manager of the GE9X program, explained that the engine has gone through “a rigorous and extensive certification and testing process. We are satisfied with the performance of the engine, which has been validated by extensive ground and flight tests. We are delighted to provide a mature and technologically advanced product to operators around the world ”.

GE continues to work with Boeing to complete the 777X flight test program and its entry into service. Eight GE9X test engines and two test spares were produced and delivered to Seattle for the four test 777Xs; several production engines have been assembled and GE Aviation is in the process of completing factory acceptance testing. The engine manufacturer is currently performing 3,000 additional ground test cycles to support Extended Operations (ETOPS) approval. The GE9X team also conducts ripening tests to help GE engineers prepare for in-service engine maintenance.

This certification leads to the renewal by GE Aviation of its portfolio of commercial jet engines, including the GEnx for the 787 Dreamliner and the CFM LEAP engine for the remotorized single-aisle aircraft of Airbus and Boeing (produced with Safran). “It takes the world’s best jet propulsion talent to create a revolutionary product like the GE9X engine,” said John Slattery, President, and CEO of GE Aviation. “There is no substitute that can combine the size, power, and fuel efficiency of the GE9X. This engine will provide unmatched value and reliability to our airline customers. I would like to congratulate the entire GE9X team and thank Boeing, our partners, and suppliers for working together on this incredible achievement.  »

For customer service and support, GE has implemented GE9X engine training courses at its Customer Technical Training Center (CTEC) in Cincinnati. An engine currently at CETC is being used to develop lean maintenance practices that will be implemented in customer training modules and GE training procedures. The CTEC team is also working on augmented reality / virtual reality (AR / VR) training to complement the on-site training.

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