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Boeing 737 MAX: the electrical problem larger than initially observed


Planned inspections on Boeing 737 MAX have revealed other electrical problems of the kind that led to the shutdown of dozens of planes operated by 16 airlines, reports Reuters, citing sources sectoral.

Last week, at Boeing’s request, 16 airlines suspended the use of dozens of 737 MAXs after the aircraft manufacturer warned of a problem in the aircraft’s power supply system. occurrence « The existence of a sufficient earth connection for a component of the power supply system » in the cockpit. In a circuit, the earth makes it possible to avoid a possible electrical surcharge when the device is poorly insulated. According to the Wall Street Journal, the problem « stems from the use of a paint coating that could potentially disrupt the grounding paths. »

Inspections on these planes now have similar problems in other parts of the aircraft besides the cockpit, sources quoted by Reuters said, confirming information released by Aviation Week. Boeing did not comment immediately.


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