Boeing 737 MAX American Airlines will share compensation

American Airlines Boeing 737 MAX

American Airlines intends to share with its employees part of the compensation under negotiation with Boeing, concerning the grounding of its Boeing 737 MAX since last March and the delays in delivery of the other expected copies.

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Having already postponed to April 7, 2020, at the earliest the return in the air of its motorized single-aisle aircraft (24 Boeing 737 MAX 8 delivered on the hundred ordered, and approximately 50 expected at the end of 2019), the American company estimates more than a billion dollars the loss of income directly linked to the crisis launched almost ten months ago, following two fatal accidents that killed 346 victims at Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines. Spokesman Ross Feinstein confirmed to CNBC yesterday that negotiations with the automaker are continuing, and that « as we have said before, we expect American Airlines to be compensated for the loss of revenue caused by the ‘immobilization of MAX’. And like low-cost Southwest Airlines last month, he said the airline expects « that part of any compensation received by American Airlines will be eligible for profit sharing for our team. »

Last October, American Airlines already estimated the losses related to the Boeing 737 MAX crisis at 540$ million. CEO Doug Parker declared that these losses « will not be suffered by our shareholders but by those of Boeing ». The American Airlines Pilots’ Union APA (Allied Pilots Association) still reserves the right to take legal action against Boeing, as their colleagues in Southwest did in October.

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Boeing said it did not want to comment on ongoing discussions with customers. In addition to Southwest, compensations have already been negotiated with Turkish Airlines and Icelandair, without an official statement on their amounts.

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Recall that Boeing announced the suspension of production of the 737 MAX from early January for an indefinite period, explaining its decision by the desire to « prioritize the delivery of stored aircraft » – or about 400 aircraft produced since March but never delivered. CEO Dennis Muilenburg was forced to resign on Christmas Eve, and some analysts estimate the losses accumulated since the start of the Boeing 737 MAX crisis to be more than $ 9 billion in nine months. Certification of the MCAS anti-stall software update has not always been announced by the FAA.

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