Accident at Fiumicino: pieces of plane fall on roofs and cars

Norwegian Boeing 787

A Boeing 787 of Norwegian company took off from Fiumicino with 298 passengers on board and headed for Los Angeles was forced by a motor failure to land in Fiumicino airport.

Damaged cars, as well as the roofs and tents of the balconies of the houses of Isola Sacra, near Fiumicino. Only a few more moments of flight, the damage has been more important.

One minute of terror

Obviously, the minutes of pure terror lived in the houses and gardens of Isola Sacra remain: it is a beautiful summer day, the silence is only broken by the roar of the engines of the planes that land and take off at the nearby airport, when the rain comes of incandescent metal fragments that fall to the ground from about 400 meters high. Up there, in fact, the left engine of a Norwegian Airlines Boeing 787 has just imploded, taking off a few minutes before from Leonardo Da Vinci airport, with 298 passengers bound for Los Angeles. The alarm, onboard or on the ground, start immediately. It is 4.20 pm when emergency vehicles run both on the track and at Isola Sacra, where the inhabitants are inevitably caught by surprise by the pieces of metal. It is a rain of incandescent debris: they break down the windows of the parked cars, they hit the tiles on the top of the buildings. The pilot of the plane declares the emergency landing and after having dumped the fuel back into the Fiumicino airport for technical checks.

The investigation

The National Agency for Flight Safety has opened an investigation. An inspector was sent to the site to examine the engine of the aircraft and also the damage caused to the ground. No consequences for the passengers: apart from an understandable fear for the unscheduled, they were « re-protected » on another flight. Checks could now take place on engines of the same type and there will be checks on the state of maintenance.

The fragments – of about 5-10 centimeters – have struck above all Ernesto Cabruna. Some residents collected them in the street and on the balconies of the houses. « Bullets », in short, that they did not kill by chance. The accusation now is not only the plane but also the runway used for takeoff, the runway parallel to Viale Coccia di Morto. « It is time to take action – explains the mayor of Fiumicino, Esterino Montino -, this incident shows that the overflights on houses between Fregene and Isola Sacra are dangerous ». According to him « we need to review the agreements that provide for the use of that track that was built when the areas around the airport were already inhabited and not vice versa ».

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