A passenger tries to bord with hundred tarantulas at Cayenne airport

A Polish passenger, illegally carrying a hundred spiders in plastic bottles, slipped in his luggage, was arrested at Cayenne-Felix Eboue airport.

The man who illegally transported « 38 adult tarantulas, about fifty young tarantulas, as well as cocoons of mygale containing at least fifty gallons » was arrested by the customs on August 25, announced the prefecture of Cayenne. He was preparing to embark on a flight from Cayenne to Paris-Orly and had contained the live tarantulas, in « plastic bottles » hidden in his luggage.

According to the prefecture of Guyana, the traveler defined himself as an « insect enthusiast ». It was the subject of a « customs deduction of 600 euros » according to French Guiana. According to the National Office for Hunting and Wildlife (ONCFS), « the transport of scorpions and tarantulas », « alive » by plane to Paris is not prohibited, but « regulated », in a context where many Insect collectors come from all over the world to Guyana, a territory where biodiversity is ten times greater than in metropolitan France.

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